Clifford Miller Hathaway, 1925

Clifford HathawayObituary: HATHAWAY, CLIFFORD

Deseret News (Salt Lake City), May 31, 2009

Clifford Miller Hathaway

1925 ~ 2009

Our beloved Clifford Miller Hathaway passed away peacefully May 28, 2009 in Murray.Born Oct. 5, 1925 in Tetonia, Idaho to Leonard LeRoy Hathaway and Una Florizel Jensen. Married Ila Nelson Sept. 1950; she preceded him in death Dec. 8, 1994.

Clifford being held by his father, Leonard LeRoy Hathaway


Clifford attended Jordan High School and left school to serve in World War II, where he joined the Navy and became an Aviation Machinist’s Mate, Second Class. He served with distinction in the Pacific and was awarded several medals, including Distinguished Flying Cross.

Clifford was a devoted home teacher up until the end. He enjoyed hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities – especially with his brothers. Clifford liked collecting bottles, rocks, antiques, and growing cactus and other desert plants.

Clifford was a devoted and loving husband, father and grandfather and would do anything to help and support his family.

Survived by his son-in-law, Kelly; granddaughter, Brenda; brothers, Vandis (Corinne), Zeniff (Ruth); sister, Gwenda (Douglas) Daley; sister-in-law, Cora; and many nieces and nephews. Preceded in death by daughter, Peggy; brothers, Leonard and John; and sisters, Una, Zola, and Donna Ann.

Funeral services will be Tuesday, June 2, 2009, at Little Cottonwood 12th Ward, 6180 South Glenoaks Street in Murray at 11:00 a.m. Friends and family may pay their respects from 6-8 p.m. Monday evening at Jenkins-Soffe Mortuary, 4760 So. State Street, and from 10:00-10:45 a.m. Tuesday prior to services at the church. Interment: Murray City Cemetery. Online condolences may be shared with the family at

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Notes from Clifford Hathaway’s funeral:

Vandis Jensen Hathaway:

We know that we are here in this life to prove ourselves. Where are we going? Clifford is now facing that now.

Our family was a large family. there were 9 siblings. 2 were taken early in life. seven of us grew up together in union during the depression. Some were born before, some during, some right after. I often wonder how my parents were able to support us, but they did.

They worked hard like all of us to secure what we need.

We worked together and got through it.

As boys, we had to do all we could to supply sustenance for our family. It wasn’t machinery, but workhorses. We would use those to take care of the ground. I was old enough to help with those things. I would guide the hores, and he would handle the cultivator. We sweat as much as the horse, and did it with a good heart, and enjoyed it. We were helping. We hauled hay., too.

Afterword, we would play games. We would go to rockhoud.

We would walk a few miles to what we called the sand hill. We’d find flint and arrowheads. He just Knew where to look.

When he got a bit older, he got a car. If he ever found a new road, e would take it, and go as far as it went and then further. I dont’ know how. He was going to Jordon HS and then quite early to join the Navy, and got his HS degree later.

He thought it funny to do navy training in Oklahoma.

He worked with an anphibious aircraft and went out to the south pacific and around th Phillipines. WHile in the servie, he recieved many medals. THe distinguished flying cross included.

Then he married Ila and resided in Utah. Early in his marriage, he bought a new car – a Henry J.

He enjoyed that car, but didn’t fulfill his needs, so he got a 4 wheel drive piickup

Loved rock finding, making them into jewelry, he’d go through stuff people were getting

some people’s jusnk is another man’s treasure. He loved desert plants, and he’d look for plants in the wild that wouldn’t be able to survive where they were, and took them home and had a beautiful cactus garden.

We’d go fishing and had great fishing trips.

– Vandis Jensen Hathaway

Gwenda Daley (younger sister):

He and dad were in a car accident…

He (and maybe Van, too) took me for a ride up butler hill.

When Una died, and many others had died in their 50s, and we used to joke about how Clifford got the rest of us past our fifties.

We’d come to Van’s place for lunch, and I’d pick their brains about what had happened in the past.

It was a special time when he called me, 80 yrs old, and said he was going to the temple for his endowments. THat was a tender moment for me.

He had a ford mustang at 80 yrs old.

He served his country, he served and loved his family, and he tried to do what’s right. Some things you can express, some things you can’t, but this makes you think on your own mortality.

But the gospel teaches us these wonderful truths.

“In the premortal realm… to be united eternally” fam proc

So our life does not end with physical death, but through the atonement, we will all be resurrected.

Our spirits will be reunited with our bodies.

From “True to the Faith”

“You can find reassurance… and eternal life in the world to come.”

A poem I love:

“and common people like you and me… shapeless mass… a stumbling block or a stepping stone.”

Our parents taught us the gospel, and lived it. I honor them for the way they lived their lives. This is a family affair. I love my family. It’s great to look up to the older members of the family. I watch my children do the smae thing.

Remember these things. How sweet and tender are the blessing of our Father in Heaven.

President Spencer W. Kimball: “There is no tragedy in death, only in sin” SWK

Cliff, a few years ago, wanted to get his life back in order, and went to the temple.

Joseph Fielding smith: “There is no righteous man who is taken before his time…” JFS

Clifford Hathaway Grave 1 Clifford Hathaway Grave 2












More photos of Clifford:

Clifford being held by his mother, Una Florizell Jensen Hathaway


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