Deborah Jane Clifford, 1856

Essential Information:

Born: 3 Feb 1856, Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah, USA
Married: 24 Feb 1871, Elisha Brown Hathaway, Logan, Cache, Utah, USA
Died: 28 Jun 1938, Chester, Fremont, Idaho, USA
Temple Ordinances Performed:
Temple Ordinances Needed:
Father: Tillman Berry Clifford
Mother: Deborah Campbell
Children: , Leonard Leroy Hathaway

“Deborah Jane CLIFFORD was born on 3 Feb 1856 in Brigham City, Box Elder, UT. She was baptized into the LDS church on 22 Dec 1868. She was endowed on 28 Dec 1868 in the Endowment House. She died on 28 Jun 1938 in Chester, Fremont, ID. She was buried on 29 Jun 1938 in Wilford, Fremont, ID. She was sealed to parents BIC. She has Ancestral File number 1QVM-ZT.” (from the site,


Some snippets from Deborah’s life can be found in the life history of her son, Leonard Leroy Hathaway.

Deborah Jane Clifford

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