Eleanor Thompson, 1878

Essential Information

Born: 31 August 1878 in Newtownards, Down, Ireland

Married: James Stevenson, 3 Oct. 1899 Donaghadee, Down, N.Ireland

     Reginald John Mccurdy, 11 Nov. 1908 Donaghdee, Down, N.Ireland

Died: 2 May 1960, buried in Moville Cemetary, Newtownards, N.Ireland

Father: James Thompson

Mother: Sarah McNair

Children: Sarah, John, Elizabeth Muriel, Eleanor McIlwrath, Annie, Reginald, James, David

James died in 1904 just before Eleanor McIlwrath was born. Eleanor remarried in 1908.

Jenni Hathaway said:

“My Great Grandma. I called her “Gran Turner” She was also called “Queenie” My sister is named after her. I remember her coming to visit. She brought Postum with her and let me try it. I liked it! She is buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery. My Mom has irises in her garden that match Gran’s headstone, we usually take her some on Memorial day”
– Jenni

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