Grace Chloe Lake, 1889

Grace Chloe LakeEssential Information

Born: 6 July 1889 Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete Co., Utah
Married: 6 May 1907 William Ezra Curtis
Died: 14 June 1951 Provo, Utah
Temple Ordinances Performed: BEP?C [1]
Temple Ordinances Needed:
Father: Robert Lake
Mother: Lilly Claudina Coates
Children: Merrill William Curtis

Merrill Curtis mentions his mother, “I remember when I and my sisters started in school one year, I must have been in the second grade. My folks were on a farm then, and of course my mother couldn’t leave immediately, so they brought us children to Grandma and Grandpa Lake’s place to stay there for awhile so they could get things in order and come settle for the winter.”

Grace Chloe Lake died of Diabetes Mellitus, as mentioned in her death certificate:

It is understood that in her later years, Grace converted to Seventh-Day Adventist, the religion of her second husband, and wouldn’t get medical treatment for her illness, believing instead that her faith would heal her. Unfortunately, the illness took her life.



Notes to self:

Google “grace chloe lake” to check the references on the photos, and possible get more.

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10 Responses to Grace Chloe Lake, 1889

  1. Sandy Markham says:

    Grace was my grand mother and she did not convert to seventh day Adventist , she became a Christian a there are three churches , that are proud count her as a founder of them . Her daughter Shirley Kemper was my mother and she became an Assembly of God pastor . Grace did die but not because she refused medical aide she died praying for her children . Her second husband was L.D.S .

  2. Sandy Markham says:

    My grandmother was Grace Chloe Curtis she did not die because she refused medical aide she died praying and fasting for her children . My Grandmother was not Seventh day Adventist she was Assembly of God. Her daughter my mother helped to start along with my father Murray Kemper three churches . Grace herself helped to found the church in Provo as their first children’s Pastor . My mother Shirley Curtis Kemper was a pastor as well. Her second husband Bob Adams was L.D.S until The Lord got ahold of him at his death . My grand mother was a great woman of God.

  3. chashathaway says:

    Sandy, thank you so much for telling me about this! I would love to hear more about her and the churches she founded, as well as any additional stories you have about her.

    That’s one of the main reasons I post these things–in hopes that others have more detailed information and can help provide more of the picture of the lives of our family. Thanks again for anything you can share with us!

  4. shirley tidball says:

    I agree with sandy, she was a great person.

  5. Sandy Markham says:

    Then we are cousins , my sister Shirley also commented , she remembers her I was not yet born when she died. I wish I had known her . She only knew Jesus three years but she burnt bright for him during those three years. She was as we called them now a children’s pastor. She held meetings in her front yard with many children attending. The Provo church had many of their leaders were in her meetings. She wanted her children to know Christ so she began fasting for them , not a good idea for a diabetic , but it bore fruit because many of her children came to know Christ after her death. My mother was her youngest daughter and she and my father started Christain life Assembly of God. Grandma was directly involved with Rock Canyon Assembly of God founding. I personally am a Children’s Pastor along with my Husband Keith Markham at New Life Fellowship in Logan Ut . I do wonder though where you got that picture I am not sure it is her ,but I will tell you she must have been a great person because where I go to christain churches even those who are not Assembly of God I hear about Grace and the wonderful things that she did. I look forward to meeting her in heaven.

  6. Sandy Markham says:

    I forgot one other church that would not be here if Grace had not come Victory First Assembly of God

  7. chashathaway says:

    I’m loving this discussion! Thanks so much to both of you!

  8. sandy markham says:

    Where did you get that picture , I think that it is a portrait and as far as I know Grandma never sat for one. You are right the discussion is good because it allows the truth to be known about a great woman .

  9. Sheila Marie Sjostrom Ames says:

    I would also would like to know more about about my Great Grandma, her son William Ezra Curtis is my grandpa.

  10. sandy Markham says:

    William Ezra Curtis is her husband not her son, if he is your grandfather than Grace is your grand mother.He is my grandfather also. Who is your mother, or father? Shirley Laray Kemper is my mother. That picture is not Grace it mayhow ever be her sister Lillian , her younger sister . I resently asked my cousin who was raised by Grace if this was a picture of her . He told me no.

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