James Franklin, 1650

James Franklin

Father of Uriah Franklin

The ancestry of James has yet to be proven, and he is not known to be related to THE
Benjamin Franklin, whose father was Josiah Franklin of Ecton, England.

James Franklin (b.ca 1650; res.Braintree, MA., 1675)

From an Ancestry.com discussion of the Franklin family line:

James Franklin

Terry253Mpls (View posts) Posted: 3 Nov 2008 11:14PM GMT

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Surnames: Franklin

Great to see all the descendants of James Franklin. Every family has it’s legends about being related to Benjamin Franklin somehow. My family had it’s legend about being in a boat being pulled behind the Mayflower. Turns out we actually had some representation on the Mayflower.

Unless we can ever take James Franklin back further than being a resident of Braintree, Massachusetts on 24 Aug 1676, and being in the Colonial Wars in Capt Mosely’s regiment on 10 Dec 1675, when he is called James Frankling, of Dedham, then we really can say nothing about James’ heritage outside DNA comparisons.

James Franklin would be born around 1650, possibly in Massachusetts, possibly England, and my theory is, possibly Wales. This is based upon the fact that Franklins of this lineage migrated to both Swansea, Massachusetts and Swansea, NH. In Swansea, West Glamorganshire, Wales, around the time that James Franklin would have been born and migrated to the New World, there were Franklins in public service positions in Swansea, Wales. Portreves, to be exact, akin to a Mayor.

The task of finding a “cousin” relationship between this James Franklin and Benjamin Franklin the statesman, would be contingent on proving that James is some sort of cousin to Benjamin Franklin’s father, Josiah, who was born 1657 in England. Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706, approximately 56 years after James Franklin was born. Thus far in my travels I have not seen any proof or disproof of James Franklin’s nativity being in England.

To my family’s satisfaction, I had to prove that we had an ancestor who was a passenger on the Mayflower.

See James Franklin and some of his descendants on the “Franklin cousins unite!” website. Feel free to add your own lineage as well.


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  1. ashley ogg says:

    I am a descendant of James Franklin, According to ancestry.com I try to validate thru records and searching google for stories like this and hand written items or books. I think there is suggestions that his mother passed in Mass. in 1654, when he would be about 4 but it conflicts with his father William passing in England about 14 years later, unless she left him. It says he has a brother John b. 1654 (maybe by a different mother), but since the names are so common I think it’s difficult for anyone to say just based of names on papers alone. I am trying to find out if this information might be correct. Finding my roots and family history is my new hobby and I would love to get all the correct information so I can pass it down for years to come. (Instead of studying only basic History in school my family can study and know their own history)

  2. Jack R. Templeton says:

    I am searching fir ancestors and descendants of a James b. abt 1750 whose will was written 1726 in Chesapeake Co, VA. The will names wife Agnes (possibly Burton) and son John who wrote his will.in 1746 (also in Chesapeake Co, VA). James II will names wife Ann & sons James, Joseph & Alexander. I’m hoping to find descendants who may have takken YDNA testest to see if they have the same genetic signature as my Johnson Co, KY Franklins

  3. I’ll let you know if I do YDNA testing. Maybe next tax return I’ll spoil myself with a DNA test. I’ve always wanted to do it.

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