John James Tonks, 1867

BIRTH: CAL 1867, St. Lukes, Middlesex, London, England
DEATH: Deceased

Married: Ann Paley, 4 August 1888

Father: Samuel Paul Tonks

Mother: Isabella M. Parker

Other than his siblings, there is little else known about him.

On Familysearch, the little green arrow showed that Samual Paul Tonks and Isabella M. Parker needed some work done. Specifically, it said they needed their son, John James Tonks, sealed to them. I searched for duplicates and searched the internet for any info about him. Our personal family records (such as old PAF and GEDCOM files) show him as existing, but say nothing of ordinances performed on his behalf.

I assumed that perhaps John had died as a baby or young child, and was therefore unknown for some time, since the other children of Samual and Isabella were all known and sealed to their parents. That still may be possible.

However, in searching for duplicates to see if this work may have already been done, I found the following 1911 London census, where there is a John James Tonks, age 43 (our John James was born about 1869) married to Annie Tonks, and they have three children. Here’s a copy of the census record.


1911 Census of the family. Notice that they have 3 children living, 1 child who died.

If this is our John James, then not only did he live through childhood, but he had a family and children of his own. In the census, his wife’s name is Annie.

While digging for more information about Annie, I discovered this:

About halfway down the page, I found this:

London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921
NAME: John James Tonks
SPOUSE: Ann Paley
FATHER: Samuel Tonks

That suggests that there is likely a John James Tonks married to Ann Paley, and John’s father is named Samuel Tonks. So far that fits.

Since Annie is one year older than John in the Census, she was probably born (give or take a year) 1868.

Let’s suppose John James was married to a woman named Ann Paley, who was born 1868.

Here’s an Ann Paley who was 5 years old in :


Ann Paley in the 1871 Census

Text version:

I did a search, and found that there was an Elizabeth Ann Paley born 1867. Could be.

I want to check all the references to her on this page next time I get on at the Family History Library:

Incidentally, a carman, or carrier, was someone who drove a buggy of some kind:

Carter/Cartman: Driver of (horse-drawn) vehicles for transporting goods. Carmen were often employed by railway companies for local deliveries and collections of goods and parcels. Modern day van driver. A Carter typically drove a light two wheeled carriage. Also sometimes someone who drove horse-drawn trams was called a Carman.

BOOM! Found something on that looks quite promising. This is a marriage certificate for John James Tonks and Ann Paley.

Marriage Certificate.jpg

John James Tonks and Ann Paley Marriage record


The preliminary info associated with this image is:

London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921
NAME: Ann Paley
SPOUSE: John James Tonks
FATHER: Frederick Paley
BIRTH: abt 1866
MARRIAGE: 4 Aug 1888 – Bethnal Green St Jude

Beautiful. I haven’t examined it all close, but it really looks like we’ve found John James Tonks’ wife and kids. We just might have some work to do!

It appears from the 1911 census at the top that they had 3 living children and 1 who died. I’m now searching to find that child.

I think I found her. Ann Catherine Tonks was born 20 August 1889. By 1901, she is no longer alive. If I can find the 1891 census, I may be able to find out if she died as a baby.


Quick notes:

Ann Catherine Tonks Birth

Ann Catherine Tonks Birth, Bethnal Green, 1889

John James Jr Birth

John James Jr. Birth Record, 1898

John James Sr birth

John James SENIOR birth record


Baby Tonks image:

NAME: John James Tonks
BAPTISM DATE: 4 Dec 1898
FATHER’S NAME: John James Tonks
MOTHER’S NAME: Annie Tonks
PARISH OR POOR LAW UNION: Haggerston St Augustine
BOROUGH: Hackney
REGISTER TYPE: Parish Registers



NAME: Ann Catherine Tonks
BAPTISM DATE: 15 Sep 1889
FATHER’S NAME: John James Tonks
BOROUGH: Tower Hamlets
REGISTER TYPE: Parish Registers
Baby Tonks.jpg

Ann Catherine Tonks baptismal record, including her birth date







Here’s John James and Ann Tonks’ family in the 1901 census






Mary Alexandra Baptism Record (including birth date)

Baby 2.jpg

Ann Catherine Tonks Baptism Record (including birth date)

John James Birth.jpg

John James Junior Baptism Record (including birth date)





This seems to be Ann Catherine Tonks’ death record. Other sources with an Ann or Catherine Tonks don’t match the age and place as well as this does

I think I found Ann Catherine’s Death…


Here are other possible death records for Ann Catherine:

Ann death alternate 3

An apparently different Ann Tonks… though we can keep this until we verify for sure it’s not our Ann. The area doesn’t match. Otherwise, it’s hard to be sure, except that we did find a record of Ann Tonks who DID die in the right area.



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