John Quincy Davies, 1833

John Q Davies 1BIRTH: 10 October 1833, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales
DEATH: 21 December 1913, Provo, Utah, Utah, United States

Father: Richard Davies

Mother: Hannah Charles

Married: Mary Ellen Reese

Children: , Sarah Ann Davies,

Biography of John Q. Davies

Compiled by F. Michael Moore, 1 Aug 2007

My research found John Q. Davies has a middle name “Quincey.” However, most resources labeled him as John “Q.” He is related to this writer through my grandfather Frederick John Moore’s mother Anna Maria Davies who was the second child and daughter of John Q. Davies and Ellen Rees (a.k.a. Mary Ellen Rees) born in Dale, Pembroke, South Wales.

John Quincey Davies was born 10 Oct 1833 at Haverford, West Pembroke, South Wales. He was the son of Richard Davies (1807) and Hannah Charles (1809 who were also born at Haverford. His father was a millwright. John was a carpenter on the English ships where he sailed around the provinces of the English Crown. At the time of his marriage he was 21 years old and lived on Quay Street, Haverford West.

The Apostle Heber C. Kimball and others arrived in England in 1837 and missionaries were called to open a mission in Wales in 1840 which converted 56 people to organize a branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. One of the missionaries, Dan Jones, captain of a Mississippi River steamboat, joined the church in America in 1843 when Joseph Smith prophesied that Jones would serve a mission in Wales. He served his first mission in 1845 and rebutted the reverend W. R. Davies who published several diatribes against the Mormons. This helped bring 4000 converts to the church by 1849. During that period of time many saints began migrating to Utah from different parts of Europe.

John Q. Davies married Ellen Rees 10 Mar 1855 just before he turned 21 and joined the Mormon church in Wales, baptism date unknown. He and Mary Ellen Rees had ten children, all born in Wales. More specific information about their births, marriages, death and temple ordinance work is detailed in a family group record in my possession. This family migrated to Provo, Utah 28 Aug 1880 when John was age forty-seven. He worked as a cabinet maker in Provo. He had blue eyes and brown hair. He enjoyed travel and died of old age in Provo 22 Dec 1913. He and his wife Ellen are buried side-by-side in block 1, lot 29 of the Provo, Utah Cemetery.




1871 Wales Census for John and Mary DaviesJohn and Mary Davies Census 1871


John Q Davies and Ellen Rees Marriage Certificate


John Q Davies

John Q Davies3


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3 Responses to John Quincy Davies, 1833

  1. Nigel Handley says:

    I would suggest that the 1871 census page (above) does not relate to the subjects of this article. Surely John and Ellen Davies and family were resident in the parish of Llanstadwell, Pembrokeshire, at this time, not Swansea?

  2. chashathaway says:

    I’m almost certain that you’re right. I put that up there for research purposes, not sure in the short time I had at the moment to verify or disprove that this is a census of the Davies family. As soon as I find their proper 1971 census, I’ll trade it out.

    Thanks for mentioning this!

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