Joseph Coates, 1812

Joseph and Ann Dutton CoatesBIRTH: 13 October 1812, Brampton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
DEATH: 6 June 1865, Mount Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah, United States

Joseph Coates Jr. was born in England to Joseph Coates Sr and Hannah Cantrell Coates.

His father Joseph was born May 11, 1777 in Chesterfield England. He passed away April 7, 1852 in Chesterfield England.

His mother Hannah was born January 9, 1780 in Chesterfield England. She passed away January 2, 1848 in Chesterfield, England. Joseph and Hannah were married December 25, 1801 also in Chesterfield, England.

Anne was born in England to George Dutton Jr and Elizabeth Coates Dutton.

Her father George was born April 8, 1817 in Chesterfield, England.

Her mother, Elizabeth was born March 13, 1794 in Chesterfield, England. They were married January 24, 1814 in Chesterfield, England.

Joseph and Anne were living in Chesterfield, England when in 1839 the family was taught the Gospel by Parley P Pratt and Brigham Young, who became their first converts in Chesterfield along with Joseph’s brothers James and John and their families. Every member of the family came into the church willing and gladly. A few years after accepting the Gospel, Joseph’s brother James died and his family remained in Chesterfield, but Joseph and Ann had partaken of that irresistible spirit of gathering in Zion. His brother John also stayed in Chesterfield as he was unable to afford the move. So in early 1847, Joseph, Anne and their three children, Susannah, George and Elizabeth set sail for Zion. (6 children had previously died and were buried in Chesterfield. 4 were yet to be born)

Fifteen years after leaving England, Joseph and Anne found the means to assist his brother John and family to come to American where they came directly to Mt. Pleasant.

After nine weeks at sea, they landed in New York and took a steam ship to Dry Hill, MO where they lived for three years. Their twin sons, Thomas and William were born during this time. In 1852, the family came to Utah with the James J Jepson 2nd Company. After living in Salt Lake City for a time, they moved to Battle Creek UT, now called Pleasant Grove. Here they lived for nine years and were quite comfortable. But Brigham Young called for settlers to go south to Mt. Pleasant or Hambleton as it was called then. The Coates answered the call.

They were received with a hearty welcome and given their allotments of one city lot and 20 acres of land as was stated in the Mt. Pleasant History Book.

Joseph was a large man of stature, weighing nearly 200 lbs. He was a mason and builder by trade. He built many of the towns best homes and structures. Some of those may still be standing. During the early stages of Mt. Pleasant, the homes were all built in the fort.

Life was very rough in Mt. Pleasant during the early years. They had a lot of trouble with the Indians. Many of the settlers were killed, and many fought in the Black Hawk War. The peace treaty to end the war was signed in Mt. Pleasant during this time.

Joseph was appointed to preside over the High Priests on March 25, 1860. He held that position until he passed away on June 6, 1865 in Mt. Pleasant.

Anne passed away on March 16, 1876 in Mt. Pleasant. They are buried side by side in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.

On March 4, 1917, an act to pension the survivors of the Black Hawk War was approved. Joseph Coates was named to that even though he had passed away years earlier.

Children of Joseph and Anne Coates were……

Mary Ann,
William (twins)
Hyrum Levi,
Eliza Jane
Emaline Ann,


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