Louisa Dugard, 1833

Name: Louisa Dugard
Sex: Female
Birth: 1833, Watham Abbey, Essex, England
Mother: Ann Smith
Father: William Dugard (occupation: Butcher)
Married: William Wood, 11 Dec 1853, St Philip, Stepney, England
Death: abt. 1910


1833, Louisa Dugard is born in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England

1849: While living in Poplar, Middlesex, Louisa’s Father dies.

St Marylebone workhouse engraved by an inmate "W.A.D.", 1866

St Marylebone workhouse engraved by an inmate “W.A.D.”, 1866

1849 (age 16): Louisa is admitted with mother and unmarried siblings into the Marylebone, Middlesex workhouse. The register states, “Destitute to be passed under order of removal.” (The names on the registry under her mothers name include among the children one named Richard (right between Louisa and Robert). Who is he? A child? A visitor, like Alfred Fenn in the 1851 census?)

Name: Louisa Dugard
Birth Date: abt 1833
Admission Age: 16
Admission Date: 19 Nov 1849
Record Type: Admission
Borough: Westminster
Parish or Poor Law Union: St Marylebone
Place: London, England
Title: Workhouse Register, 1849-1850
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1853: December 11, Louisa marries a carpenter by the name of William Wood.

1910: Louisa dies.

Louisa Dugard and William Wood Marriage Louisa Dugard census 1851 Workhouse Register 1849-1850

History (work in progress):

Louisa Dugard was born in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England in 1833 to William Dugard and Anne Smith. When Louisa was sixteen, her father, a butcher, died, leaving her fatherless with two younger siblings to help her mother care for: Robert and Emily. Her mother was a cook, but times were tough, and a short time later, Louisa is admitted with her family into the Marylebone, Middlesex workhouse.


, Louisa married William Wood, a carpenter from


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