Mary Ann Shelton, 1831

BIRTH: 25 December 1831, Washington, Missouri, United States
DEATH: 29 July 1900, Midway, Wasatch, Utah, United States


Mary Ann SheltonMary Ann (Polly) SHELTON was born 24 Dec 1831 in Washington County, Missouri. She was the fifth child born unto Stephen SHELTON (b. 1809) & Nancy BROWN (b. abt 1811). The family is on the 1830 census for Harmony Township, Washington, Missouri. Polly’s mother died in 1833 before Polly turned two. Although it is not likely she remembered her mother, she nevertheless felt close to her. Her mother’s family was of the Cherokee Nation. Polly was the only one of Stephen SHELTONs (b. 1809) & Nancy BROWNs (b. abt 1811) children to come west. She married John McKee FAUSETT (b. 1804) on 28 Jul 1852 in Salt Lake City, Utah. John had been married previously to Margaret SMITH (b. 1797) of Rutherford,North Carolina. Margaret died on 10 Mar 1852 in Provo, Utah. John FAUSETT married Mary Ann (Polly) SHELTON (b. 1831) 4 months later. John was older than Polly’s father. Further, so were all of the children of John FAUSETT (b. 1804) and Margaret SMITH (b. 1797). John & Polly had an additional dozen children between 1853-1874, all born in Utah. It was no secret how much Polly loved John. But that’s another story!

Story Of The Life Of Mary Ann Shelton Fausett 2nd wifeMary Ann Shelton 3 of John Mckee Fausett
Prepared by her granddaughter, Julia Elizabeth Zufelt Fillmore
She was born Dec 24 1831———-in Washington Co. Missouri. my grandmother was known by many as Aunt Polly and was baptized by the Prophet Joseph Smith. She was loved by many because of her generosity and kindness to all she knew. She was the daughter of Stephen Shelton and Nancy Brown a half breed Cherokee Indian, she died when grandmother was one year old and had four children, namely; William, Jackson, Samuel and Mary. Five years later her father married Abigail Harris.

They were living in Missouri at the time the Prophet was killed. That night they heard a shot and she heard a man cry “Water,water”,until it grew faint and they heard it no longer,the next morning the man was found dead on the bank of the river. He was one of the Prophet’s body guards that had been shot by the mob. Grandmother attended the mock funeral of the Phrophet and his brother Hyrum. She could sing the tunes the martial band played,and could sing them until the time of her death. At the age of ten or eleven she left Missouri with her father and stepmother. Her father was very strict with his children,and his two sons, William and Jackson left home while they were working on the temple in Nauvoo. The younger boy Samuel was sent for the cows and told by his father to not come back until he found them and he never returned home again.

Grandmother crossed the plains and came to Utah with the Melvin Ross Company in 1850, and walked most of the way across the plains barefooted. A family was kind to her and let her ride in their wagon when her feet became so sore she could’nt walk and their children drove the cows. When she would tare her dress her father would fasten it together with hawthorns. They were short of food, and the company prayed to the Heavenly Father to provide something for them. A large flock of quail settled on the wagon tongues all around and inside the camp, and they would not soar away so they caught them that provided meat for them to eat. she could tell of the many hardships and trials of the journey, but never complained, and always thanked the Lord for His protecting care over her and the family and bor testimony of the goodness of the Lord to them.

She worked for Squire Wells in Salt Lake City, and later went to Provo, where shemet grandfather, John Mckee Fausett. They were married and moved to Midway when there was only five families living there. They lived in a Dougout the first year, and lived on roots, large squirrls and boiled wheat until their crops matured. They farmed and had a few sheep that caused them trouble, for the Indians stole and killed their sheep. They had a large family, nine girls and two boys and the girls helped on the farm in the crude way in those early days. more….

Grandfather died leaving her to care for the family. They had cows and in the summer she would take the family and the cows into the white pines, where she sold milk,butter and buttermilk to the loggers and miners. She also worked for them. The bears frequently came to the place around the corrals, but grandmother would go out and frighten them away.

She was very hospitable, kind and charitable with all her neighbors and friends. She cared for two orphans for years. Her home was a humble one, not having much of this worldly wealth. She died at the age of sixty-four and left a large posterity. She was buried in the Midway Cemetry in 1900.

Mary Ann Shelton 2They were the parents of 11 children-namely: Nancy Ann Fausett,married James Davis Margaret Ann Fausett,married John VanWagoner Amanda Angeline Fausett,married Heber George Wardle Mary Elizabeth Fausett,married Felix Grundy Murphy Sarah Maria Fausett,married John Hartnett Julia Ann Fausett,married Charles Franklin Zufelt(parents of Julia Elizabeth Zufelt) Abigail Eliza Fausett,married Thomas Hair John Willian,married Irene Burgner Janett Fausett,baby Ester Jane Fausett,married William Graham Burgner David Fausett,child

CORRECTION: Child number 9: Ester Jan Fausett, is my grandmother and she married William Heber Graham on the 13 June 1900 at Midway, Wasatch, Utah. They lived in LaSal, San Juan, Utah where they tried Dry Farming. Later they moved to Moab, Grand, Utah. She was put to rest on 6 April 1950 in the Grand Valley Cemetery, Moab, Grand, Utah. In the rest home in Provo, Utah Grandma fell and broke her hip. While she was in bed with her injury, Grandpa Graham came in and told he was going to die in his sleep and that is the way he passed away. When Grandmother was able to travel, her daughter Eola Elizabeth Graham/Stocks brought her to our home and she lived with us until her passing.

William Heber Graham, born 15 Oct 1868 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. He died 9 Jan 1943 at Provo, Utah, Utah. He is burried in the Grand Valley Cemetery, Moab, Grand, utah. Grandpa Graham played the fiddle for many dances.

This couple had five children, but only two lived to adulthood. The children names were Hazel May Graham(1901-1936): Stephen (1903- 1903);Rosalina (1905-1905); Eola Elizabeth Graham/Stocks (1911-1999)

There were my grandparents. I appericate all the wonderful information and pictures that are being shared. Cousin M


There was also a William Graham – born about 1913, apparently died young. Regards – K


Mary Ann Shelton FausettThat William Graham was my Grandparents baby son. William Heber Graham, born 15 Oct 1868, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah Died: 9 Jan 1943, Provo, Utah, Utah Burried: Grand Valley Cemetery, Moab, Grand, Utah Md. 13 Jun 1900, Midway, Wasatch, Utah Ester Jane Fausett, born 12 Dec 1868, Midway, Wasatch, Utah Died 26 Mar 1950, Moab, Grand, Utah (at her daughter’s house, Eola) Burried, 6 Apr 1959, Grand Valley Cemetery, Moab, Garnd, Utah Children: Hazel May Graham, born 11 May 1901, Midway, Wasatch, Utah Died, 15 April 1936, Moab, Grand, Utah Burried, Grand Valley Cemetery, Moab, Grand, Utah Stephen Graham, 1903, in Midway, and was burried there. (stillborn) Roselina Graham, 1905, in Midway, and was burried there. (stillborn) Eola Elizabeth Graham, born 6 Aug 1911, Moab, Grand, Utah Died, 22 July 1999, Moab, Grand, Utah Burried 26 July 1999, Sunset Memorial Cemetery, Moab, Grand, Utah William Graham, born 6 April 1913, in Moab, Grand, Utah and is burried in Grand Valley Cemetery, Moab, Grand, Utah (stillborn)

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Poem by Mary Ann’s granddaughter:

My Pioneer Grandmother, Polly Fausett (or Mary Ann)
By Polly Cole

She walked by the side of a wagon train
Across the dusty, unfriendly plain,
While the wagon wheels less patient then she,
Creaked and groaned complainingly.

The sun baked hot on her youthful head
She left her parents where her feet had bled.
Her eyes were fixed toward the West
Where she’d find safety in the Mountain Crest.

She learned of the hardship along the way
How the hostile plain exacts its pay.
There was sickness, death and scattered bones.
And lonely graves with markers of stones.

At night by the campfires dying glow
She’d watch for faces, as the moon hung low
For William, Samuel and Jackson her brothers three, l
Who turned back from the trail for they couldn’t agree.

The trip for them was much too long,
Hardship too great and their faith not strong
A far away sadness illuminated her face
As if her soul dwelt apart from such a barren place.

She thought of her Mother’s grave far behind
She thought of her last words so gentle and kind,
“Polly, abide by your faith unto the ends.
And God his blessings unto you will send.”

So she found this peace in the distant west.
Where her aching heart and feet found rest;
And she knelt on the Virgin sod
And gave thanks and praise to God.

And today as on her life I dwell
I pray that I may do half as well-
As o’er life’s rugged way I trod
May I keep my shoulders erect, my face up,
and my heart with God.

Mary Ann Shelton Gravestone

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