Mary Ann Yeager, 1823

Mary Ann YeagerBIRTH: 1 November 1823, Philadelphia, Phldlp, PA
DEATH: 26 March1877, Provo, Utah, Utah, USA

Father: John Yeager

Mother: Ann Hyatt

Married: Edson Whipple,


John Dagbert Whipple
William Mickle Whipple
Joseph Whipple
Mary Ann Whipple
Laura Whipple

Harriet Yeager, Mary Ann's sister.

Harriet Yeager, Mary Ann’s sister.


Mary Ann Yeager Death

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3 Responses to Mary Ann Yeager, 1823

  1. Ruth says:

    Thank you for posting this. I am a descendent of Harriet and was happy to learn more about her and her sister, Mary Ann. I am researching their lives as children (before coming to Salt Lake). I am also researching their parents. Do you have any information about this part of their lives or their parents?

  2. Daryl J. Whipple says:

    I too am researching the life of both Mary Ann and Harriet Yeager Whipple and would appreciate any information. I am compiling Harriet’s life with an emphasis of after she left Provo.

  3. Chas Hathaway says:

    Thanks, Daryl! I’d love to learn anything you know about them, too! I’ll keep updating this page with the info I find.

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