Prince Hathaway, 1764

(disputed father of John Hathaway)

Charles Francis10 res. Indianapolis, IN, member HFA

Prince left land to both sons, subject to the life estate of his widow, Ruby, who was still living on it 6 July 1849 when she quitclaimed that part of the homestead farm of her late husband. Prince Hathaway, which fell to their son John, late of Kingston, NY; deed rec. 30 May 1850. Consideration $1500

Hathaways, 1200-1980: a supplement to the 1970 edition, Hathaways of America, Pg. 322


Heather Dodge, in the Hathaway Family Facebook page, said:

There is an Arthur Hathaway Descendant who has done a DNA test. Not only are we not descended through the Nicholas line we are not descended through the Arthur Hathaway line either. There was a 13 out of 41 match. Not even close. The Rufus/Maturin Hall match was 42 markers out of 43. Maybe Dad’s story of adoption will get proved one day. Prince Hathaway is positively not our ancestor… Maybe one of the other Hathaway lineages in Hathaway’s of America are related. If they are it might be by adoption.

One story…At some point John (our ancestor) after some disaster on shipboard started going by the name John Hathaway. What do you all think?


We need to discuss our research on John Hathaway. I have Uncle

We need to discuss our research on John Hathaway. I have Uncle Clif’s YDNA. He is not a descendant of the Nicholas Hathaway line. Out of 43 markers he matches with 42 markers to a Rufus Hall line. That is a 5 generation match. Genetree matched them. What it means I don’t know.


Kent, when I looked at the Rufus Hall line and other Halls who are supposed to have the same ancestors it looks like the Rufus Hall line is like our Hathaway’s DNA not John Hathaway’s like theirs. Rufus Hall line is not like the other Halls who claim the same ancestor. Someone jumped the fence or their was an adoption.

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