Ruth Franklin, 1790

Ruth FranklinNOTE: There has been considerable dispute about the parents of Ruth Franklin. Presently, the consensus is that her father is David Frankin and her mother is Hannah Simmons. Keep that in mind as you read through this page. The reason for compiling possibly incorrect info with the correct info is to provide a comprehensive page about Ruth, in case it may provide useful in research.

BIRTH: 14 November 1790, Sterling, Windham, Connecticut, United States
DEATH: 6 May 1848, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa, United States

Father: David Frankin

Mother: Hannah Simmons

Married: Enos Curtis


Lydia Curtis
Maria Curtis
Martha Curtis
Edmond Curtis
Jeremiah Curtis
Seth Curtis
Simmons Philander Curtis
David Avery Curtis
John White Curtis
Ezra Houghton Curtis
Ruth Curtis
Ursula Curtis
Sabrina Curtis
Celestia Curtis

History of Ruth Franklin:

History of Ruth Franklin

Ruth Franklin was born 14 November 1790 at Sterling, Windham County, Connecticut, to John Franklin and Abigail Fuller. We have no record of her childhood or her courtship with Enos Curtis. They were married 15 December 1805. He was 22 years of age, she being 15 years. Enos Curtis was born 9 October 1783, son of Edmond and Polly Curtis at Kenderhook or Chatham,

Columbia County, New York.

Soon after they were married, Ruth and Enos moved to Pennsylvania and settled in Tioga County. This was a new country rich in natural resources, forested areas, and many kinds of wild life and game. Enos was a farmer and carpenter by trade. Ruth was a devoted mother having born 14 children. Her first child was a baby girl, Lydia born 5 February 1808 when Ruth was 18 years old. She had this baby to enjoy only a short year and five months, as she died the 5th of July 1809. Next came Maria on 22 March 1810, when Ruth was 20 years old. Then Martha on 12 August 1812. Both of these girls lived to adulthood and The next four years must have been very hard on Ruth as she bore and lost 3 little boys. Edmond was born 5 November 1814, died 7 months later on 6 June 1815. Jeremiah was born 12 November 1815, living only 3 months. He died 22 February 1816. Little Seth came into the world 8 March 1817 and died the same day. Ruth was now 27 years old, having lost four of her six children.

What a joy the next four boys must have been, Simmons Philander, on 26 March 1818, and a greater joy two boys at once David Avery on the 10th and John White on the 11th of August 1.820. Then Ezra Houghton on 19 February 1822.

All these boys lived to adulthood and married.

Then came little Ruth on 4 January 1825 when her mother was 35 years old.

Little Ruth lived only 9 months dying on 4 October 1825. What sorrow it must have been to these great pioneers to have lost so many of their little ones.

The next children to come to this family were healthy and happy and grew to adulthood and married also. Ursula was born on 14 December 1826, Sabrina on 3 April 1829, and Celestia on 21 April 1832, when Ruth was 42 years old. Other happiness came to this family during their years in Rutland, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. They were a religious family and Enos made the statement; Someday the church would be upon the earth”. Many rumors were circulating about Joseph Smith and the “Gold Bible” as Joseph translated most of the Book of Mormon while living in Pennsylvania. So when Alpheus Gifford brought home five Books of Mormon and gave Enos Curtis one, it is to no surprise that the Curtis family soon joined the church. There were soon two branches of the Church in Pennsylvania in 1831, one in Rutland, and another in Columbia, Bradford County.

It was not long until Ruth was left with only her older daughters and her four young sons under the age of 14 years to run the farm. Enos was called to do missionary work in the state of New York. What wonderful testimonies must have been borne on his return and in accounting the conversion of Heber C. Kimball and Brigham Young? During this time the twin brothers were baptized soon after their littlest sister was born.

The next account we have of the Curtis family is in Caldwell, Clay County, Missouri. The trials and persecutions of the time were very hard. Ruth watched her family grow and marry and embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her husband’s duties also grew in the Gospel. More and more persecution came to the Saints and Enos was called to appear before the courts and give strength and help to their sons and sons-in-laws.

Quoting from “IN HONOR OF OUR NOBLE PIONEER ANCESTORS” by Gloria Galloway, “Ruth and Enos were the first of the Curtis family to attend the completed Nauvoo temple and receive their Endowments on 1 January 1846; followed by their sons, with their wives, and one daughter who received their

Endowments; Simmon P. 22 Jan., John White-27, Jan., David Avery-6 Feb., Ezra

H.-7 Feb., and Ursula 6 January 1846.”

February 6, 1846, must have been an exciting day for the Curtis families as three families joined together at the Temple to have their marriages sealed for eternity: Heber C. Kimball sealed Enos and Ruth Curtis at 11:25 a.m., and then David and Amanda. John white and Almira Curtis were sealed by Brigham Young EE.”

“It should he noted that Hancock and Adams Counties in Illinois bordered the State of Missouri on the northeast corner and that the death of Joseph Smith did not completely appease the mobbers of Illinois or Missouri. Violence continued to increase against the Saints. “When the mobs were making some of its vicious raids, two or more families of the Saints would bunk together for protection. On one such occasion, the mob came to the house of Enos Curtis while the men were all away from home. The mob ordered all the occupants out of the house.

The families told the mob that their Mother Ruth Franklin was very ill and could not be moved. The mob left, but came back a second and third timeEeach time more vicious…and finally set fire to the house. The women rolled Ruth up in a blanket and carried her out of the burning house. The shouts of the mob were soon heard by the absent men who rushed back and carried Ruth away in a wagon as she couldn’t walk. The mob even chased the wagon, but when more help came, they stopped their pursuit.”

A very sick Ruth was among the saints who crossed the Mississippi River in the winter of 1847 then journeyed on to Council Bluffs. What faith and endurance it must have taken to leave their homes and comforts. The faith of this family is shown in a story quoting from Gloria again. “One story was told about the time when Enos and his family had to take the ferry across the Mississippi River at the Montrose crossing. A terrific wind came up and since some of the people crossing previously had been carried down the rapids, there was much anxiety and fear. When the Curtis family, and a family by the name of Stowell, were on the ferry, the people on shore were shouting and screaming for help because the force of the wind was so strong that it looked like the cable controlling the ferry would break…when Enos Curtis raised his arm to the square and commanded the wind to take them to shore it ceased its velocity and changed direction so the ferry drifted to shore and both families were saved. As soon as they were on shore, the gale began as fierce as before.

Ruth, sick for so long and exposed to so much hardship and exhaustion died 6 May 1848. She was buried at Council Bluffs, a place her family would probably never visit again. Ruth was 58 year old. Her youngest child was 16 years old.

All of her children and her husband had the faith to go on with the saints to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake.

Ruth Franklin

Born: 14 Nov 1790 Sterling, Windham, Connecticut

Died: 6 May 1848 Council. Bluffs, Iowa

Died of exposure and exhaustion in Council Bluff, Iowa.

Pioneer: Crossed the Mississippi river at Montrose crossing.

Parents: John FRANKLIN, Abigail FULLER

Spouse: Enos CURTIS

Married: 15 Dec 1805

Sealed 06 Feb 1846 in the Nauvoo Temple by Heber C. Kimball.

Enos Died: 01 Jun 1856 Springville, Utah, Utah.

1. Lydia Born 05 Feb 1808 Died 05 Jul 1809

2. Maria Born 22 Mar 1.810 Md. Abraham Brown 13 Sep 1.834

3. Martha Born 12 Aug 1812 Md. Elia Strong, Abt. 1827

4. Edmond Born 05 Nov 1814 Died 06 Jun 1.815

5. Jeremiah Born 12 Nov 1815 Died 22 Feb 1816

6. Seth Born 08 Mar 1817 Died the same day

7. Simmons Born 26 Mar 1818 Md. Emiline Buchanan 04 Jul 1840

8. David Avery Born 10 Aug 1820 Md. Amanda Starr 20 Oct 1841

9. John White Born 11 Aug 1820 Md. Almira Starr 13 May 1841

10. Ezra H. Born 19 Feb 1822 Md. Lucinda McKinney Carter 18 Dec 1846

11. Ruth Born 04 Jan 1825 Died 04 Oct 1825

12. Ursula Born 14 Dec 1826 Md. Abraham Durfee date unknown

13. Sabrina Born 03 Apr 1829 Md. George King date unknown

14. Celestia Born 21 Apr 1832 Md. Jabez Durfee 25 Dec 1850

Written by Jeannette Crosland Harward

March 26, 1959

Camp Pioneer

Center Utah County

Provo, Utah

Courtesy of the International Society, Daughters of the Utah Pioneers


For years it has been accepted that John Frankin and Abigail Fuller were the parents of Ruth Franklin. The book  Pioneers and Patriot Families of Bradford Co. Pa. (FHL#974.857 D2h) The following is recorded on page 182: “Colonel Franklin married his second wife Abigail, daughter of Capt. Stephen Fuller and widow of Capt. James Bidlack, slain at Wyoming, July 3 1778.  By this marriage he had no children, but was ever a father to the two sons and two daughters left by Captain Bidlack.”  Ruth’s parents were David Frankin and Hannah Simmons.


Birth: Nov. 14, 1790, Sterling, Windham County, Connecticut, USA
Death: May 6, 1848, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa, USA

Ruth was my 4th great grandmother. Ruth was the Daughter of David Franklin and Hannah Simmons. Ruth was the great great grandaughter of Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger. Ruth was the great grand niece of Benjamin Franklin. She married Enos Curtis on December 15th 1805 in New York City, New York. They had 14 Children. They joined the LDS Church and endured all of the persecusions that were brought upon the members of the LDS Church.

Enos, Ruth and their family were crossing the plains when Ruth died near Council Bluffs of Exhaustion. Enos and their family continued on to Salt Lake City, Utah where they settled.

Family links:
John Franklin (1749 – 1831)
Abigail Fuller Franklin (1753 – 1834)

Enos Curtis (1783 – 1856)

Ezra Houghton Curtis (1823 – 1915)*
Sabrina Curtis Harward (1829 – 1890)*
Celestia Curtis Durfee (1832 – 1891)*

*Calculated relationship

Specifically: She was possibly buried in the Mormon Cemetery that is now the southeast part of the Fairview Cemetery in Council Bluffs.


Ruth Franklin – biographical information

Marriage: 15 December 1805
Place: New York City, New York, New York


Birth Date: 14 November 1790
Birth Place: Sterling, Windham, Connecticut
Death Date: 6 May 1848
Burial: Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa

Lydia Curtis
Maria Curtis
Martha Curtis
Edmond Curtis
Jeremiah Curtis
Seth Curtis
Simmons Philander Curtis
John White Curtis
David Avery Curtis
Ezra Houghton Curtis (our ancestor)
Ruth Curtis
Ursula Curtis
Sabrina Curtis
Celestia Curtis

(See also Enos Curtis, since there is a lot about Ruth in his bio)

Subj: Ruth FRANKLIN Curtis, Tioga County
Date: 5/1/2003 4:43:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Robert Palmer)

I am trying to trace the line of my gt gt grandmother, Ruth FRANKLIN Curtis. She was born November 14, 1790 in Sterling, Windham County, Connecticut. She and her husband, Enos Curtis, lived in Tioga County, Pennsylvania until around 1832 when they moved west. They are listed as having had land in Jackson Township as early as 1812.

We have no proof but believe her to be the daughter of David FRANKLIN and Hannah SIMMONS of Conn. and Rhode Island and to be a sister to David Franklin, John Franklin, and Mary Franklin CUMMINGS who were all residents of Tioga County. I am trying to find proof and would appreciate any leads.

Thank you. Ruth Palmer

Ruth Franklin biography:

from Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude
At the age of fifteen, Ruth married Enos Curtis who was twenty-two years of age. They were married in New York City. Ruth and Enos moved to Pennsylvania and settled in Tioga County. Enos was a farmer and carpenter by trade. Ruth was a devoted mother having born 14 children.
They joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Letter-day Saints in 1831, soon after it was organized. In the mid-1830’s, they joined with the body of the Church and were living in Far West Missouri, in 1838.
In the 1840’s, they lived in Morley Settlement near Quincy, Illinois. Ruth and Enos received their Endowments and were sealed in the Nauvoo Temple on January 1, 1846.

Violence continued to increase against the Saints. Ruth and her children used to hide in the woods to avoid the mobs. When it rained they used a blanket as a tent.
One night, the mob came to the house when all the men were away. The mob ordered all the occupants out so the could burn their home. Everyone left except Ruth who was very ill in bed. They told the mob the situation and they left only to return a second and third time and set fire to the house. The women ran into the fire, wrapped Ruth in a blanket, and carried her out of the burning home and put her in their wagon to make their escape. She was very ill when they crossed the Mississippi River and journeyed on to Council Bluffs.

Ruth and her family were preparing to cross the Plains with the pioneers in 1848. Before they started, Ruth died on May 6, 1848, at the age of fifty-eight. Brigham Young said of her, “She shall wear a martyr’s crown.”

Ruth’s family crossed the Plains with the Brigham Young Wagon Company which left Winter Quarters on May 26, 1848, and arrived in Salt Lake Valley, September 24, 1848.
Marriage: 15 December 1805
Place: New York City, New York, New York

Birth Date: 14 November 1790
Birth Place: Sterling, Windham, Connecticut
Death Date: 6 May 1848
Burial: Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa

Lydia Curtis 5 Feb 1808 (died at age 1)
Maria Curtis 22 Mar 1810
Martha Curtis 12 Aug 1812
Edmond Curtis 5 Nov 1814 (died in infancy)
Jeremiah Curtis 12 Nov 1815 (died in infancy)
Seth Curtis 8 Mar 1817 (died in infancy)
Simmons Philander Curtis 26 Mar 1818
John White Curtis 10 Aug 1820 (twin)
David Avery Curtis 10 Aug 1820 (twin)
Ezra Houghton Curtis*** 19 Feb 1823
Ruth Curtis 4 Jan 1825 (died in infancy)
Ursula Curtis 14 Dec 1826
Sabrina Curtis 3 Apr 1829
Celestia Curtis 21 Apr 1832

Calming the Storm
A Story From Chloe Spencer, Daughter Of Celestia Curtis Durfee and Grand Daughter Of Enos Curtis:

When the mobs were in some of the vicious raids two or three families would gather together in one home for protection. On one such occasion the mob came to the home of Enos Curtis, the men were away. The mob ordered the occupants out of the house. The family told them that Grandmother Ruth Franklin Curtis was ill and could not leave the house. The mob left, but came back the second and third time and finally set fire to the house. The women carried Grandmother away out on a sheet. As the men folks heard about the raid, they rushed back and carried Grandmother away in a wagon as she could not walk. The mob even chased the wagon, but they finally got away.

Enos Curtis, family and a family by the name of Stowell were on the ferry crossing the river from Montrose, Iowa to Nauvoo. A terrific wind came up and as some people had previously gone down the rapids below the ferry crossing there was much anxiety and excitement. People on shore shouting and screaming for help. It was so strong it looked as if it would break the cable that controlled the ferry when Enos Curtis raised his arm to the square and commanded the wind to take them to shore. It ceased its velocity and changed so the ferry drifted to shore and both families were saved. As soon as they were on shore, the gale began as fierce as before.

 Ruth Franklin Curtis, by Olive Durfee Curfew:

Ruth Franklin Curtis

Ruth was the daughter of John Franklin and Abigail Fuller.

Ruth Frankin born November 14, 1790 Sterling, Windham County, Connecticut

Her husband was:
Enos Curtis born October 9, 1783
Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York

They were married December 15, 1805
New York City, Nassau County, New York

She had a large family of 14 children, five of whom died in infancy. All children were born in Tioga County, Pennsylvania. They were converts to the newly restored church of Jesus Christ. The father was baptized in 1831. They joined the Saints in Nauvoo and vicinity. The names of Enos Curtis, his daughter Ursula, and sons Simmons and David Curtis with their wives are listed on the Lima Branch records.

They joined the exodus of the Saints from Nauvoo. Ruth Franklin Curtis died at Council Bluffs, May 6 1848.

Enos Curtis and his two unmarried daughters, Sabrina and Celestia were pioneers of 1848 in Brigham Young’s Company. Ursula, who married Abraham Durfee, came across the plains with him in 1850. His four sons who were pioneers are listed on my chart of Roster of Pioneers enclosed with these histories.

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