Sarah Ann Davies, 1857

Sarah Ann DaviesEssential Information

Born: 6 Dec 1857, Coombs Parish, Milford Haven, Pombo, Wales
Married: 23 May 1877, William Henry Freshwater, Provo, Utah, Utah
Died: 11 Jan 1924, Provo, Utah, Utah
Temple Ordinances Performed:
Temple Ordinances Needed:
Father: John Q. Davies
Mother: Mary Ellen Rees
Children: Leo Rowland Freshwater

The Biography of Sarah’s Brother, Charle’s Edwin Davies

Davies, Charles Edwin – Biography
Charles Edwin Davies History (p. 1-2)

By Fawn Lucile Davies Walker & Ruth Davies Sessions

Charles Edwin Davies was born 3rd December 1859 in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire South Wales. His parents were John “Q” Davies and Ellen Rees. He was the second son and the sixth child of a family of ten children. Ellen Rees, mother of Charles, was born in Dale, Pembrokeshire, South Wales. She was a kind patient woman who played games with her children, sang songs with them and taught them how to work.

Their food consisted of fish, soup, potatoes, no milk, with oranges and apples brought in by ship. Corn was called Indian meal. Corn on the cob was new to them when they came to America.

The children sold watercress and other greens to the sailors for money and fish. They gathered copper rivets where the ships were being built and sold them for spending money.

When Charles Edwin Davies, was four years old he started school and attended until he was eleven years old. While in school, the only vacations the students had were at Christmas and the Birthday of the Queen of England. There were no summer vacations. His first teacher was an old maid teacher, 75 years old. The first two years he learned to read and to spell. Later he studied geography, arithmetic, and writing.

He was especially good in penmanship with beautiful handwriting throughout his life. The hickory stick was a cane, and the teacher was very efficient in using it to hit the children so very little hickory stick was necessary.

The first job Charles had when leaving school at the age of eleven years was on a mackerel boat. When taking watercress to sell he asked for a job as a cabin boy, which consisted of doing odd jobs, keeping the captain quarters clean, and delivering food and messages to the captain. Father received fifty cents a day plus his board and room. They fished with a seine at Kinsale, Ireland, and brought mackerel by boat to Wales in heavy strapped iron bound boxes weighing 150 to 250 pounds. Charles then transferred from the mackerel place to Arklo, Ireland loading fresh herring, and then onto Hollyhead, Wales. Seasickness became a problem so he returned home by another ship.

Charles and his sister Sarah Ann left Milford Haven for

Sarah Ann Davies photo

Possible photo of Sarah Ann Davies

Liverpool, England the 11th of September 1875. Father was 15 and Sarah Ann was 17 years of age. They hired a taxi in Liverpool to take them to the Mormon Church, 42 Islington Street. There they purchased steerage fare for $75.00 each which was a special rate for Mormon Immigrants. Henry Harris had sent $110.00 to the Immigration Fund, so Father paid an additional $40.00. This left him a total sum of $5.71 to buy food on the train from New York, and their tickets to Brigham City,

UT. They traveled on the ship named Wyoming which was loaded with Mormon converts. Some were returning Mormon missionaries who took care of the converts. All people aboard were perfect strangers to each other.

Charles was able to get a job working in the ship bakery which provided them better food to eat. He kneaded the bread and washed the bread pans. They were on board eleven days with good weather and had no problems of seasickness.

Charles felt a real disappointment when he gazed on Brigham City. He had a seige of home sickness which lasted for years.

Charles was small in size, weighing 140 lb. and was 5 ft. 6 inches tall. However, all that he lacked in size he surely made up in determination. No job ever seemed too large. He went patiently about his work, never thinking he would ever fail to accomplish the task in mind. Spurred on by the thought of providing well for his large family, he was financially successful. He considered it a crime to bring a family into the world to go cold and
Charles owned 80 acres of farm land on the Provo Bench, and 12 acres in the river bottom which he kept for years and farmed. He had cows which furnished enough milk for the family, and horses to help do the farm work.hungry. He always saw to it that his children never were without food and clothing or a good home. He especially loved babies.

He built a home on the river bottom where he expected to live for many years, but only stayed one. Rachel felt the children needed to be closer to school. He built three other homes on one block in the Provo Third Ward. The one I knew best was located at 348 North 4th West which was a lovely brick home built high to make it look like old estates Charles saw in the South. The house on the East corner, 3rd North and 3rd West, was built to rent, and the house on the corner of 4th North and 4th West was where most of the family was born.

Charles worked in Freshwater’s Store, Eldredge Hardware Store, a butcher shop, and a company store in Kenilworth, UT. He peddled fruits and vegetables in Park City, Kamas and Heber City. He started a store called Park Grocery, and a service station on the corner of 5th West and 5th North in Provo. He had a great love of flowers. The side and back yards of his home were in total blooms. He planted Daises, Delphiniums, Sweet Peas, Gladiolas, Tulips, Lily of the Valley, Peonies and Bells of Scotland. He sold flowers for Memorial Day and throughout the summer.

Charles married Rachel Elmer DAVIS (daughter of Joshua DAVIS and Susan Ann COLE) on 8 Jul 1880 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT at the Endowment House. Charles Edwin Davies died at the age of eighty four due to ulcers of the stomach at his home on 30th September 1943. He is buried in the Provo City Cemetery.
Ancestors of Charles Edwin Davies (p. 14-15)

John “Q” Davies, Father of Charles Edwin Davies was born in Haverford West, South Wales 10th October 1833. His parents were Richard Davies who was a millwright and Hannah Charles. John was a carpenter on the English ships where he sailed around the provinces of the English Crown. At the time of his marriage he was 21 years old and lived on Quay Street, Haverford West. He joined the Mormon Church in Wales and migrated to Provo, UT 28th August 1880 at the age of 47. He worked as a cabinet maker in Provo. He had blue eyes and brown hair. John enjoyed travel and died of old age in Provo, UT 22nd December 1913.

Charles Rees, Grandfather of Charles Edwin Davies (son of William Rees and Martha Reynish) was born 21st July 1806. (found in the Talbenny Parrish Register 1791 Marriages. James Rees Minister) He was christened 3rd August 1806. (He had six brothers and one sister – William born 6th April 1792, Ann born 15th September 1794, chr 26th February 1795, Thomas born 11th January 1796, chr 21st April 1796, Peter born 2nd July 1797, chr 23rd July 1797, John born 7th February 1799, chr 3rd March 1799, Richard born 30th August 1800, chr 25th November 1800, George born 29th March 1804, chr 6th May 1804.) Charles married Maria Waters 2nd October 1824. She was christened 10th November 1793 in Walton West, Pembrokeshire, Wales, and died 10th December 1870 at the age of 83 and is buried in Dale, Pembrokeshire, Wales. (found in the Dale Parish records page 56)

They were parents of five children:

Louisa chr 5th February 1825 in Dale, Wales
Ellen chr 24th May 1827 in Dale, Wales d 20th December 1904 Provo, UT
Charles Edwin chr 15th October 1829 in Dale, Wales
John chr 9th May 1841 in Dale, Wales
George chr 9th May 1841 in Dale, Wales

Ellen Rees, Mother of Charles Edwin Davies was born in Dale, Pembrokeshire, South Wales. Her parents were Charles and Maria Waters Rees. Ellen was the second child and the second daughter of a family of five children. She was baptized a member of the Mormon Church by Thomas Evans. Ellen Rees married John Davies 18th March 1855 in Haverford West at the age of 26. She was living in Dale at the time. Her father was an Agricultural Labourer. They migrated to Provo, UT 28th August 1880. Ellen was a housewife with good health who enjoyed her children and being charitable. Her eyes were gray and her hair was dark brown. She died of phenomena in Provo, UT 28th December 1905.

John “Q” and Ellen were the parents of ten children:

Eliza b 12 Mar 1852 Dale, Wales d about 1898
Anna Maria b 20th February 1854 Dale md Henry Jordan Moore d 2 January 1951
Winnifred (twin) b 12th August 1856 Dale, Wales md Henry William Harris d 12/17 August 1887
Hyrum (twin) b 12th August 1856 Dale, Wales d 19 August 1905 Pilgrims Rest, Lydenburg District, Province of the Transvaal, Union of South Africa.
Sarah Ann b 6th December 1857 Milford Haven md William Henry Freshwater d 11th January 1924
Charles Edwin b 3rd December 1859 Milford Haven, Wales d 30th September 1943
Joseph Davies b 12th December 1862 Milford Haven md Martha Rebecca King d 1st January 1884
John Davies b 11th July 1865 Neyland, Wales md Sarah Ellen Lunn d 4th April 1956
William Henry Davies b 4th July 1868 Neyland, Wales d 1876
Thomas Willard Davies b 25th October 1873 Neyland, Wales md Alice Boyle d 14th March 1951

Sarah Ann Davies DivorceDivorce

Sarah Ann Davies divorced William Henry Freshwater, as listed in the local newspaperFreshwater DivorceAnother mention of the incident in the paper provides further information on the suit for divorce.
Freshwater RemarriageA few years later, it is recorded in the newspaper that the two were re-married.



Sarah Ann Davies grave

Death and Burial:

Provo City Cemetery
Utah County
Utah, USA



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