Søren Larsen, 1730

Born: abt 1730, Hemmeshøj, Sorø, Denmark

Died: 1793, Hemmeshøj, Sorø, Denmark

Parents unknown

Married to Bodil Jeppsen, (born abt 1722, Erdrup, Sorø, Denmark, Died 8, March 1800)


Else b. 1757
Soren b. 1770

Good further research link

Søren and Bodil lived in the time of Stavnabånd, the Danish serfdom of the time. If they were serfs, they may not have been allowed to leave before the beginning of the abolishment of serfdom in Denmark in 1788.

Hemmeshøj is a parish (probably Lutheran) in the municipality called Sorø. Hemmeshøj probably had about 388 members. See a map.


It appears that a fire in the Hemmeshoj parish in 1859 could have destroyed records. If so, that may be why we don’t yet have records of Søren’s parents.

Hemmeshøj Slagelse Antvorskov Sorø Fire: 26 May 1762 and 19 May 1859.

Here’s an article about school records in Denmark for the time period that Søren would have been a child.


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