Tillman Berry Clifford, 1820

Tillman Berry CliffordBorn: 20 Feb 1820, Pond River Farm, Hopkinsville, Christian, Kentucky

Married: Deborah Campbell

Died: 4 Mar 1903, Chester, Fremont, Idaho

Temple Ordinances Performed:

Temple Ordinances Needed:

Father: John Henry Rush Clifford (Wriston),

Mother: Elizabeth Price

Children: , Deborah Jane Clifford,

It’s unclear why his name on the gravestone is written, “Tillimon,” instead of “Tillmon.”

Tillman Berry Clifford Grave








Other information:


Tillman was also married to Deborah’s sister, Hulda. According to Rootsweb:


“Hulda Henrietta Campbell Fields”


(Last updated on March 17th 2011)
(Please note the correct date of death)

Hulda Henrietta “Campbell” Fields

AKA Huldah Henrietta Campbell Clifford

(Photo Contribution From Deon Huntsman)It was John Fields that became the 2nd husband of Hulda Henrietta “Campbell” Clifford Around early 1864
& likely in Cache County, Utah Territory, She was previously married to Tillmon Berry Clifford
and with him she did play part in the polygamist marriages taking place during the 1850’s with
both her and her sister Deborah Campbell being married to the same man & it was a time of hardship
having just lost both parents & a younger brother during an out break of a cholera epidemic along
the trail they were traveling to Utah, this marriage was strongly encoraged by the LDS Church under
such circumstances to help take care of the needs of the many, So at the age of 15 she married &
bore many children to Tillmon, Hulda was married to him just over a decade when she decided to divorce
& remarry another, Although, She & John Fields both made a life for themselves, periodically living
in Utah and Idaho over the years, She Never forgot nor lost touch with her previous family. She was
a home maker and he was a farmer. Eventually both John and Hulda passed away & were burried together
in the old Union Cemetery (now called the Ben Lomond Cemetery) in Weber County, North Ogden, Utah

Hulda Henrietta Campbell was born 16 Jul 1835 in Hornby, Steuben, New York,
and died 23 May 1911 in North Ogden, Weber, Utah. She was buried 25 May 1911 in Ben Lomond , N.Ogden, Weber, Utah,
Plat A Lot 2 Block 1 Plot 2.

Her Father: Benoni Campbell b: 10 Feb 1800 in Deer Park, Orange, New York
Her Mother: 
Mary L Leonard b: 12 Sep 1802 in Onondaga County

She married Tillmon Berry Clifford 10 Sep 1851 in , , Utah, son of John Rush Clifford & Elizabeth Price.
He was born 20 Feb 1820 in Hopkinsville, Christian, Kentucky, and died 4 Mar 1903 in Chester, Fremont, Idaho.
He was buried 7 Mar 1903 in Wilford, Fremont, Idaho.

She married John B. Fields ABT 1864 in ? Ogden, Weber, Utah, son of Beeson Fields & Nancy Lancaster.
He was born 22 Aug 1834 in McMinnville, McMinn, TN, and died 22 Jul 1922 in Ogden,Weber, Utah.
He was buried in Ben Lomond , N.Ogden, Weber, Utah,,Plat A Lot 2 Block 1 Plot 3.

***Her 1st Marriage***

Children of Hulda Henrietta Campbell & Tillmon Berry Clifford are:
Tillman Benoni Clifford was born 23 Nov 1852 in Mill Creek, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah,
and died 20 Feb 1923 in Pine Grove, Union, Oregon.
Samuel Clifford was born 1854 in Mill Creek, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, and died 1856.
iii. Mathew Earl Tillman Clifford was born 25 Dec 1857 in Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah,
and died 29 Sep 1925 in Millville, Cache, Utah.
Lovina Henretta Clifford was born 13 Jul 1859 in North Ogden, Weber, Utah,
and died 16 May 1937 in Chester, Fremont, Idaho.
Mary Ann Clifford was born 18 Oct 1861 in Providence, Cache, Utah,
and died 19 Aug 1899 in Pleasant View, Weber, Utah.

***Her 2nd Marriage***

Children of Hulda Henrietta Campbell and John Beeson Fields are:
John Beeson Fields Jr. was born 26 Oct 1864 in Millville,Cache, Utah Territory,
and died 20 Oct 1933 in ,San Francisco,CA(?).
Emily Fields was born May 1866 in Utah.
William Jefferson Fields was born 20 Jul 1868 in Utah, and died 22 Aug 1947 in Ogden Weber Utah.
iv. Nancy Elizabeth Fields was born 25 Jul 1871 in , Weber, Utah, and died 4 Aug 1877 in , Weber, Utah.
Alberta Lucretia Fields was born 6 Mar 1873 in , Weber, Utah, and died 30 Jun 1877 in , Weber, Utah.
James Calvin Fields was born 10 Nov 1874 in Liberty,weber,Utah, and died 22 Mar 1922 in North Ogden, Weber,Utah.
He married 
Sarah Elizabeth Norris. She was born ABT 1878 in Utah.
Harriet Telitha Fields was born 2 Jul 1877 in Ogden, Weber, Utah, and died 12 Jul 1947 in ,San Francisco,CA.

(Grave Marker Photo’s Added by: Geoffrey Parsons on 4/27/2006 through Find a Grave .com)
This is the back of the stone memorial for
william jefferson fields & anna jensen fields
Listed are the children that died too young and their grand parents
John B. Fields
Hulda C. Fields
There is, ofcourse, one error on the back of this memorial, the death
date for Hulda C. should say 1911 not 1910, other than that it
is a perfect record.

Hulda’s Death Certificate
Someone has Mistakenly published Hulda Henrietta Campbells birth place as harmony,steuben,ny
Unfortunately it is the wrong information and has been widely distributed throughout the internet and family trees everywhere(the only likely place in Steuben County would have to be “Hornby, Steuben, New York”)

(I did ferther research to find if a harmony town or city even exists in Steuben county)

(I found no such listing within this county or even evidence that
such a “town or a city” with the name harmony ever exsisted in this county)

If you can find evidence to the contrary,(solid proof) I would love to hear about it.

It is my honest belief that someone who submitted family information for Hulda Henrietta Campbell unfortunately did not have the proper information on this individuals birth place,
If they did the research they might have found out that hulda has siblings
that were born in “Hornby, Steuben, New York”

I feel that the person may have intended to
post “Hornby, Steuben, New York” as the birth place but instead made a type-o.

Please help me in correcting & distributing “The Correct Infomation”.
The correct birth place for “Hulda Henrietta Campbell” is;
“”Hornby,Steuben County,New York,USA””

Please Update your records to reflect the correct birth place

Thank you for any troubles,

Yours truly, the Great Great Grandson of Hulda Henrietta Campbell Fields
Daniel Langevin



Source : http://freepages.family.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~dalangevin/Hulda_Henrietta_Campbell_Fields_Documentation.html


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