Zelma Dagmar Johnson, 1904

Delamar and ZelmaBIRTH: 13 June 1904, Palmyra,Utah,Utah
DEATH: 20 Feb 1966, Payson, Utah, UT

Married: Delamar B. Hair


Ila Jean Hair
Benjamin Earl Hair
Eldon Johnson Hair
Reynold Garth Hair

24 Feb 1966
Spanish Fork, Utah, UT

Zelma Dagmar Johnson Hair

The life story of Zelma Dagmar Johnson Hair Written by Zelma at Spanish Fork, Utah July 15, 1945 I was bom 13 of June 1904 at Palmyra, Utah.

I am the daughter of Wiliam Charles Johnson and Amelia Dagmar Anderson Johnson. I am the third child of a family of twelve children. I am the oldest girl of the family. My sister Grace died before I was bom. Being the oldest girl, I had to help in the house and work on the farm. I mixed bread for mother when I had to put the pan on a chair to mix it. I took care of mother with four other babies. Mother had to take care of her self because the doctor said if she didn’t, she would not be able to go through with them. After they came, I took care of mother and the baby and also did the washing for the family and keep house. Mother let me name one of the babies. She said because I had been so good to help her. I named her Myrle Helen. I was a serious minded girl, because we had a lot of sickness at home, and oh how I hated to have winter come because one of my sisters would get rheumatism every winter and she would be sick all winter until spring would come. I also had two sister die ten days apart. It seemed for a while there was no joy for any of us. As I grew older and the first world war came and went the Spanish Fork sugar factory was hiring girls so I along with my father went to work at the factory. We were on the same shift. For five years I worked there. I enjoyed my church very much as I was organist for our Sunday school for a while. In the year of 1925,1 met my husband at a dance in the Pax Pavilion which burned down later. I was there to a Christmas dance with Owen Sabin. It was a dance where they had two dances, one before twelve and the other after twelve. It was at this dance that I met my husband. He made his self acquainted and asked if I cared to dance.

Delamar and Zelma 2 I told him my mother told me not to dance with strangers and still all the time I knew I would dance with him. He told me he was teaching school at Hiawatha and had come down for the Christmas holidays. He and his two sisters had come over for the dance. He asked me my name and I asked him his. He told me something like a maim, but I did not understand it and I did not ask for him to repeat it, so I let it go at that. I did not think I would ever see him again. I told mother and dad I had met a nice boy at the dance, but as seeing him again I never thought I would. It was a week later mother came in with the mail and she had a letter address to Miss Zelma Jones. I opened it and it was from this boy I met at the dance. He had sent his picture and I knew it was he that had misunderstood my name. But David T. Lewis was the postmaster at that time and he knew me well. That was the first I came to know my husband’s name. I’m eight months from the time I met him we were married. We were only together 2 and half months to get acquainted as school let out the latter part of May and we were married the 19 of Aug. 1925. We have lived at Hiawatha, Mapelton, Lindon, Panquitch, Salem, and Spanish Fork. All but two of our children have been born in different homes. While at Salem, Utah, I was director of the singing mothers for eight years and enjoyed it very much. In all that time there was not one unkind word said among us. There were around 12 or more in our group. After I left Salem and came to Spanish Fork to live, the signing mothers came and surprised me along with the Relief Society President and gave me a party which I will never forget. They gave me a beautiful looking glass to hang on the wall and pyrex pie plates and a vase along with a grand lunch. I am the mother of six children, one girl and five boys. I am so happy for them


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